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  1. Desalination: (to Tyson)
    My stint at the California Department of Water Resources was first filled with excitement and great expectations, to contribute at a higher level to an integrated approach to water planning, management, use and efficiency, to apply what I thought I knew about permaculture at this higher level, to go where no man had gone before—narcissistic confessions of an engineer. Well, it did not play out the way I envisioned but I am rebounding with higher hopes and dreaming a dream and singing a song of biomimicry was again—the Spirit of the Soul Standing Next to You is a song I can sign to any and all. What I may have to offer in the way of engineering to your (Tyson and Cohorts) efforts is how to supplement freshwater water resources with desalination processes and methodologies that are in tune with first the environment and then our human-centrist needs, wants, and desires.
    I am the co-author of the Desalination (Brackish and Sea Water), Volume 3—Resource Management Strategies, Chapter 10, California Water Plan Update 2013. Much of what I wrote and toiled over never got published for it was too progressive for the powers at be steeped in the empire era culture.
    I am have come to know about your efforts a bit late to meet current deadlines but I am unsure about this. I do not know how best to contribute in this formum and this is my first attempt to connect meaningfully,
    Cheers with water,
    The Way of the Water for Water is a Way.

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