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Aerospace and aviation Design and operation of aircraft, propulsion systems, efficiency, spend and strength

Acoustics How sound generated and propagated Ben Lange Ausgrid Engineer.
Email: blange at


Preparation for growing foods,

harvesting, preserving

Bruce Pascoe Bruce.Pascoe at

Construction Material and construction techniques

Chemical engineering Convert raw materials into useable products

Civil Physical infrastructures urban/living environments

Aboriginal Housing Coop

Lani at

Electrical Electrical energy generation and usage At the time of European arrival in Australia there was also no electrical engineering in Europe

Electrical flow can link to water and the way the communiites lieve off the life blood of the river

Phil Duncan Cultural Advisor Macquarie University

phil.duncan at

Network engineering Protocols for linking knowledge packets

Networking and governance structures in Aboriginal society suggest a more trusted networking system

Bruce Pascoe?

Bruce.Pascoe at

Telecommunications Communication Message sticks Michael West
Mechanical Force and energy


Mining Extraction
Materials Strength and other features, production
Naval architecture Construction and propulsion

Water and waste management


Physical, chemical, and biological treatment of water,_New_South_Wales

Bradley Moggridge ANU Hydro Geologist

bradley.moggridge at

Phil Duncan Cultural Advisor Macquarie University Water management and fisheries

phil.duncan at

Project Management Sustainability  Every project should involve students across disciplines so that the understanding of how component parts link can be assessed.

The way that we consult and work in teams is crucial for the future success of designs

Ben Lange Ausgrid Engineer.
Email: blange at

Phil Duncan Cultural Advisor Macquarie University Water management and fisheries

phil.duncan at

Information Technology Teaching knowledge http:://

Use of technology to link video and other material to art works to augment behind material and the providence and artist’s  story

Mikaela Jade  mik at
Computer Engineering Programming Languages, whether computing or human, are ways of communicating in that culture Terrie Lowe Bundjalung speaker and teacher

terrie.lowe at

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