Aligning Western and Aboriginal knowledges

Using existing resources we will provide specific physical examples of Aboriginal engineering that highlight the cultural influence on engineering. These examples will be linked to communities engaged with this engineering still, in some form.

Together these resources will provide a way for teachers and community to learn about this knowledge in a practical environment. It will also provide an in depth knowledge of the different approaches to engineering and engineering thinking that reflect the sustainable and holistic approach of Aboriginal cultures, as well as assist people to learn in an environment that emulates as much as possible the Aboriginal techniques of knowledge sharing.

Learning the knowledge involved learning the culture that surrounds that knowledge, as these two aspects are not separable. This is in itself a lesson in the foundations of sustainability.

Engineering Disciplines Key Concepts Web links and Resource Sites
Aerospace and aviation Design and operation of aircraft, propulsion systems, efficiency, spend and strength


Acoustics How sound generated and propogated


Preparation of land for growing foods,

harvesting, preserving,



Construction Material and construction techniques

Chemical engineering Convert raw materials into useable products

Civil Physical infrastructures urban/living environments

Electrical Electrical energy generation and usage At the time of European arrival in Australia there was also no electrical engineering in Europe
Network engineering Protocols for linking knowledge packets

Telecommunications Communication
Mechanical Force and energy


Mining Extraction
Materials Strength and other features, production
Naval architecture Construction and propulsion

Water and waste management


Physical, chemical, and biological treatment of water,_New_South_Wales

Project Management Sustainability
Information Technology Teaching knowledge

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